Iceland: Halfway Through and We Still Can't Pronounce Anything / by Cassy Nedelisky

Well, when we originally began our excursion to Iceland I planned on writing a blog post daily... Yeah, that failed. Things have been crazy and we're moving all the time, time slips away. Excuses, excuses.

So here we are, 10 days in and still not sick of each other! Want to really test a relationship? Take it on a two week road trip! You don't really KNOW someone until you've pulled over to the side of the road so they can pee or until you've seen them unwashed for 4 straight days or, in Jaci's case, sat out in the cold to boil the water for their soup. 

Our phones are our lifelines, dare we ever miss a text from a cute boy? and we would've been so lost if not for the handy little wifi hotspot we picked up with the rental car. We carry it with us everywhere, Jaci even used it to make a FaceTime audio call while lost in a lava field. Also, how else would we find good coffee if not for google maps? Believe me, you don't want to see either of us pre-coffee. 

Also, where would we be without our sturdy, protective, ever faithful, Rex? He reminds us to buckle our seat belts, makes flatlining noises when you ask him to go through water and powers our electronic devices. If you haven't guessed, Rex is a car. Fun fact of the day, in Iceland, no matter where you park your vehicle it looks like it belongs in a car ad. Shoutout to you, Rex.

We've seen a lot these past 10 days: Reykjavik, waterfalls with incredibly hard to pronounce names, incredible gorges, gigantic glaciers, the northern lights and a large selection of vegan cheese. Most of these I'll just show you instead of describe... They say a picture is worth a thousand words, also I really can't remember everything off the top of my head.

But first, a little Q&A with me and my better half, Jaci.

Things we could not have lived without/what we are glad we brought:

C: Cliff bars, camera, cellphone, wifi hotspot. Being honest here.

J: Base layer, down blanket, cliff bars, wifi hotspot.

Things we wish we had brought:

C: Air mattress and wide angle camera lens.

J: Camp stove - thankfully we found a place to rent one.

Things we found to be useless:

C: Hot plate. 

J: Kettle, my power inverter, hot plate.

Best things to bring on a road trip: 

C: Jaci!.. and cliff bars and wifi hotspot.

J: Wifi hot spot, camp stove and water bottles.

Favorite things so far:

C: Harpa in Reykjavik, Asbyrigi gorge and the northern lights.

J: Reykjavik and hike to Svartifoss, Gljufrabui falls. 

What was overrated:

C: Seljavallalaug swimming pool, beautiful but cold as all get out. Quite a few of the popular waterfalls, we have a lot of waterfalls at home so they weren't all super impressive and a lot of them were crowded. Some of my favorite waterfalls were the random, unmarked ones on the sides of the roads.

J: Glacier Lagoon

Best memory:

C: Watching the northern lights with Ollie and Boll (some guys we met from New Zealand).

J: Meeting Ollie and Boll and seeing the northern lights, hiking up to Bljufrabui falls and jumping the turnstile to use the bathroom for free.

What we are looking forward to:

C: Sleeping in a real bed, eating a real meal, seeing elves and unicorns, I know there around here somewhere.

J: Getting back to Reykjavik, having a glass of wine, Myvatin and Glymur falls.

Things we’ve learned:

C: When you walk this much daily you can basically eat as much cheese and Nutella as you want.

J: Always use the free bathroom, be on lookout for free showers, double check the route to hot springs and buy all the vegan cheese!

Top tip for living on the road:

C: Bring wifi and a mattress.

J: Find ways to make it normal. Wifi, hot food, wash your face in warm water and enjoy the part of it that is wild.