2015: Becoming More Intentional / by Cassy Nedelisky

With the beginning of a new year it’s only natural to think about resolutions. I don’t know about you, but for me resolutions have never really stuck. I lose momentum somewhere about halfway through January… so I stopped making them. But recently I came across an idea that intrigued me. I read about a woman who instead of making resolutions, decided on a theme for her year. That way, there’s no way of failing and you’re not tempted to just give up. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I had subconsciously created a theme for myself last year, it was to “Do”. To make a conscious effort to go places and do things, adventure and travel to new places. I succeeded. I went on dozens of hikes and trips to various places in Oregon and Washington and, of course, the highlight of my year: traveling to Italy with my best friend, Jaci. 

So what would be my theme for this year? After deliberating for what felt like an eternity finally it came to me, when I wasn’t looking for it, which is exactly when all good things come to us. My theme for this year is to be more intentional. Intentional. So, what exactly does that mean? I guess the first place to start would be to take a look at the definition of the word itself, so I stripped it down to it’s root form.



1.   have (a course of action) as one’s purpose or objective; plan

2.   design or destine (someone or something) for a particular end or purpose

Ultimately I want everything in my life have a purpose or direction. Now this can be as big as deciding what I want to be when I grow up but I plan to focus more on the everyday, little things. Like the things I put into my body, where my money goes, and how I spend my free time. All 10 seasons of “Friends” are now on Netflix, does that mean I have to binge re-watch them all? Well, yes, you have to have somethings in your life for no other reason than that they make you happy, and who doesn’t love “Friends”? Okay back on track now. It means being intentional with my photography, the books I read, the words I speak, and the company I keep.

What about you, if there’s anyone out there reading this, did you make resolutions this year or some kind of equivalent? What were they?